Sunday, April 20, 2014

A friend Birthday

Hey ya! Long time no see.. Sorry for disappeared for a long time, I had lot of school task to do. And finally.. last week the school gave study tour to Jogja and Bali! (even only 8 days) I'll post the photos soon!

Let's back to the topic! My handsome bestfriend was celebrate his birthday yesterday. It was really fun! We had lunch together, joined a crazy quiz together and karaoke together. What a great day! And it will be a long post, so enjoy! ;)

 This is me and the birthday man ADHIT!! 
Happy sweet 17th, man! Hope you become more mature, wiser, more clever, have a longlife, get a perfect wife, and be a successful man!

This is my bestie Cindy, she is so cute like a kid >.<

That's my friend M. Alvin Eko, but we usually call him Ekor (ekor=tail) haha

Me with my friend Indah

I really love this pose, I don't know why... Maybe it because I'm in love? haha. That is my friend Fildzah

Like I said, we joined a crazy game. The game is from a brand of stationery product. This birthday man got challenge to express him self with Yoga Pose, and this is what he did, haha

What a lucky guy, he got the biggest prize in the game! A handphone, lol

After play that game, we went to Princess Syahrini KTV, haha. And in this place the real party began~

Get ready for the party

 Selfie time! haha

This is me! haha. Btw, the man behind me, his name is Galu

The birthday man is singing

 This is Vai, but we call him Afgan Ipa 1. He is a bit like Afgan Syahreza, right? haha

Okay, for my outfit that day, well just a simple comfy outfit... I wore my new shirt from my mother, I don't know where she bought it. She doesn't let me know-_- oh God why? haha. And that cute cat bag from my lovely Aunt, she bought that in somewhere at Vietnam

Top - Unbranded
Jeans - Topgun
Bag - Somewhere in Vietnam
Bracelet - efoxcity
Shoes - New Balance

With my friend Indah. Thanks for willing to be my photographer!<3

And here are bonus photos..

Okay..... hahaha. I like these photos so much. Do you guys think that he is my boyfriend? No.. he is not my boyfriend, he just my friend. Why we took photos like this? It was his idea, I was surprised with it.. I think he is demure. But actually, he is so friendly and fun haha

Thanks for reading!


  1. afgan syahreza ipa 1? absolutely not

  2. so cute! frienship is the most beautiful presents from God <3 friends are like angels in ours lives :)
    I hope you have had a great day !!
    tell me how about follow each other? Let me know if you start, I follow you back this favour :)
    xoxo from Spain pretty!

    1. I really agree with you<3
      Sure thanks, let's follow each other :)

  3. so cutee


  4. Looks like you have so much fun. Great post :)

  5. so lovely ! this note prings such a positive energy <3 !

  6. Amazing pictures!! Seems you had great fun! :)

  7. beautiful pics! it seems you had fun! :)
    By the way I've never visited your blog's really interesting! Keep it up! :)
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  8. Hello, thanks for your comments I am already following the blog :)
    Good pictures :)

  9. Woah, happy belated birthday for your friend! Temenmu lucu ya hihi he looks cute and ridiculous when doing the yoga post haha xD


  10. Great post.hope you had lots of fun
    Keep intouch

  11. so cute your bag :D
    Follow me

  12. like your style, nice...

    follow me :

  13. So great pics dear!

    New post!

  14. hey nice blog. ur so cute.. wud u like to support each other, I'd love to follow via gfc & social media ... lemme know if u follow, i'll follow right bk

  15. so cute! looks like you had lots of fun

    i like this :D

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